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Angénieux is the famous worldwide brand  of cine zoom lenses for
film and digital cinematography.

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Angénieux Partner of nature documentary "Seasons"

news 2016/01/13

Eric Guichard AFC, with a team of nine DoPs : Stéphane Aupetit, Michel Benjamin, Jérôme Bouvier, Laurent Charbonnier, Philippe Garguil, Laurent Fleutot, Sylvain Maillard Christophe Pottier, Jam Walencik, have all collaborated on the new Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud’s movie « Seasons ». Thanks to the partnership with Angénieux, he selected Angénieux Optimo zooms as optics of choice and utilized as many as 10 lenses at any given time during the production.


New website

news 2016/02/10

We are setting up a new Angenieux website. New sections will enhance it in the coming weeks. We apologize for the inconvenience.  Please take time today to discover Angenieux collection new presentation…

Shooting in Angénieux ...
A recognition pledge

news 2016/01/13

Mad-Max: Fury Road (DP John Seale), Carol (DP Ed Lachman) and Sicario (DP Roger Deakins) are in the list of nominees for the Best Cinematography Academy Award. In the list of nominees for the Best Picture Academy Award: Spotlight, The Big Short, Mad Max:Fury Road and The Martian. All these movies have been shot with Angénieux lenses. Good luck to all of them and see you on February 28 for the 88th Academy Awards Ceremony and the list of winners !

Currently in French theaters Point Break directed and shot by Ericson Core. Our #Optimo Style 25-250 was on set ... At top in cold and wind!  #angenieux #cinelens #zoom #lens #cinematography #filmmaking #bts #BTS #movie #cinema #actionmovie #cinematographer #DP #DoP #Repost @freeflysystems ・・・
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#GSS in #Paris. Shot with the #C520, @reddigitalcinema, and @angenieuxlenses 25-250. Link to full video in profile. #GyroStabilizedSystems #XDMotion #ShotOnRed @guisecreative


Angenieux Lenses shared Gyro-Stabilized Systems's video. ... See MoreSee Less

#GSS in #Paris. Shot with the #C520, @reddigitalcinema, and @angenieuxlenses 25-250. Full video above. #GyroStabilizedSystems #XDMotion #ShotOnRed #EiffelTower @guisecreative

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