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CamerimageAmong the 15 feature films  selected for the main competition at this 23rd edition of Camerimage -the International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography (Bydgoszcz, Poland - 14 - 21 November 2015), seven movies have been shot with Angénieux lenses.


- The 33 directed by Patricia Riggen – cinematography by Checco Varese ASC

- Carol directed by Todd Haynes – cinematography by Ed Lachman ASC

- I Saw the Light  directed by Marc Abraham - cinematography by Dante Spinotti AIC ASC  – who used the new Optimo 56-152 A2S

- Mad Max Fury Road directed by George Miller – cinematography by John Seale ACS ASC– Optimo 15-40 on Steadycam

- Sicario directed by Denis Villeneuve – cinematography by Roger Deakins BSC ASC – aerial shots

- Les Suffragettes directed by Sarah Gavron – cinematography by Eduard Grau

- Wolf Totem directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud – cinematography by Jean-Marie Dreujou AFC who used a wide range of Angénieux lenses on Wolf Totem :Optimo 28-340, 24-290, 15-40, 28-76 and the Optimo DP 3D packs

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