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Optimo Anamorphic 30-72 A2S on Arri Mini camera for Intuitive Aerial Aerigon drone
Production: ”Drift” by  Kelly’s Heroes Cinematography : Frank Dewaele Drone Pilot: Luk Malu
Photo Credits : Sven Vleugels and Anthony Boon.

Optimo Anamorphic Lens Line

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Optimo Spherical Lens Line

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Type EZ Series

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Angénieux Optimo and Optimo A2S (Anamorphic) zoom lenses are particularly well represented in 2017 in the equipment list of movies selected for Oscar and Cesar

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Drift is a short film Kelly’s Heroes shot as a test/demo project to try out some of those new possibilities in aerial filming.

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The Optimo 44-440 A2S now available at some of the most prestigious rental houses in the world !

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Angenieux welcomed yesterday a group of French cinema students from the famous French cinema School ENS Louis Lumière in Paris. We wish all of them the best in their future life and thank them for their good mood ! #cinemaschool #cinemastudents #enslouislumiere #futurecinematographer #cinematographer #cinelens #zoomlens #filmmaking #GPRepost,#reposter,#notetag @gremsytech via @GPRepostApp ======> @gremsytech:90° top-down without counterweights!!! Exterior day shot of @Skynamicdrone team with @ARRI Alexa mini, modified Gremsy H16 and @angenieuxlenses (15-40mm & 28-76mm) #GPRepost,#reposter,#notetag @4kshooters via @GPRepostApp ======> @4kshooters:Red Weapon 8K Helium S35 Stormtrooper with Angenieux EZ zoom at the @cvpgroup stand at #BSCExpo #cinematography #cinematographer #lensporn #angenieux #redweapon #redweapon8k #8K #stormtrooper #helium8k #redcamera #r3d

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