Angénieux team

Our team is unique. It is the perfect combination of high level and inventive optical and mechanical engineers, manufacturing experts, workers with decades of experience, experienced international sales people of different cultures, marketing and communication teams at the forefront of the sector, maintenance experts… We all work in the same direction, in the culture that was dictated by Pierre Angénieux more than 80 years ago: “Always be at the service of the cinema industry”.


Below, our team members in contact with our customers.

    • Our factory

    • Emmanuel Sprauel

      President, Angénieux

    • Christophe Remontet

      Managing Director, Cinema Optics

    • Dominique Rouchon

      Managing Director, Marketing-Sales & Communication

    • Benoît Brismontier

      Area Sales Manager Southern Europe, Benelux, India, Middle-East and Africa

    • Davy Terzian

      Area Sales Manager France, Germany, UK, Northern and Eastern Europe

    • Frank Goh

      Area Sales Manager Asia-Pacific

    • Guillaume Dubois

      Product Manager Cinema Optics

    • Elvir Mujic

      Product line & Program Manager

    • Arnaud Esbelin

      International Customer Service Manager

    • Paolo Palmasi

      International Customer Service

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