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Angenieux Servo Unit
Angénieux Servo Unit - 1

Angenieux Servo Unit


The Angénieux Servo Unit is compatible with all Angénieux lightweight zoom lenses :

Optimo 15-40, 28-76, & 45-120,Optimo Style 16-40 & 30-76 ,Optimo Anamorphic 56-152 2S & 30-72 2S (and also Optimo DP 16-42 & 30-80)

It allows Zoom,Focus and Iris control unit and generates lens meta data based on Cooke_i_Logo - tmarke.4 inch_1 Cooke protocol. The lens meta data can be displayed but also recorded in part to the PL mount Cooke_i_Logo - tmarke.4 inch_1 Cooke interface. Script supervisors no longer need to manually write down lens setting for every frame shot.

The Angénieux Servo Unit offers several configurations in Broadcast or Cinema modes (shoulder use, on tripod, crane, Steadycam or in gyrostabilized gimball). Due to a minimum number of connection cables and servo motor modules, the servo control unit allows for a very fast setup.


  • Integrated servo control motor unit that bolts directly onto Angénieux lightweight zoom lenses
  • Focus / T-stop / Zoom remotely controlled via various wired/wireless devices
  • Faster setup due to minimum number of connection cables and motor modules
  • Servo control unit fixing position can be selected from 8 angles at 45 degrees increment depending on camera configuration
  • Generates lens metadata based on /i Cooke protocol
  • Dedicated /i output port facilitates integration with motion-control systems, DOF display on monitors, etc.
  • Meta data can travel to cameras via lens-mount contact pins (requires optional mount on lenses)
  • F/T/Z motors can be independently shut-off depending on remote control configuration


With different camera protocols
With i/cooke protocol
With Angenieux remote control protocol

Lens Controller Compatibility (wired / wireless devices)


For Data recording, PL mount /iCooke interface on request                

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