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News 2016-06-02

Scenefone Becomes the First Rental Company in China to Offer almost the Complete Range of Angénieux Zoom Lenses

“To support China’s booming film and broadcast industry, equipment rental company Scenefone partners with JCineCast (Jebsen Industrial’s Cinematic & Broadcasting Solutions division) the Angénieux’s partner in the area to expand its portfolio.”

The Challenge: Meeting the Equipment Needs of China’s Film Industry
China’s film industry is large and growing rapidly. Domestic productions accounted for more than 60% of ticket sales in China in 2015, when box office receipts jumped nearly 50%. With this momentum, China seems to have the ambition to overtake the U.S. as the world’s largest film market by 2017.
As a result of this growth and market potential, China’s film industry is now focused on producing more sophisticated and professional films for local and global audiences. Local filmmakers are also increasingly collaborating with their Hollywood counterparts in co-productions that appeal to Chinese moviegoers.
However, achieving higher production values demands substantial investment, with equipment accounting for as much as 10% of film and television production budgets. Film equipment rental remains a popular way for filmmakers to manage costs without compromising on production standards or risking equipment failure.
Equipment Rental Leader
A leading rental company in China, Scenefone boasts one of the largest and most complete ranges of film equipment in Beijing and Shanghai, giving filmmakers cost-effective access to the latest technology and equipment from around the world. Established in Beijing in 2008, it is China’s leading film equipment rental company, with a 35% market share. Scenefone currently offers professional cameras, lenses and lighting and lifting equipment, along with studio space, experienced personnel and technical consultancy services.
Scenefone has contributed to the success of such major blockbusters as Lost In White, The Nightingale, Warrior’s Gate, Shanghai Express, Beijing Love Story, Iron Man 3, Beijing Love Story, Design Of Death, Lost in Thailand, Lost in Hong Kong, Outcast, Breakup Buddies and Detective Chinatown etc. It supports the production of 60 films and 20 television series each year, along with TV commercials for some of the world’s biggest brands and companies.
As China’s domestic film and TV industry continues to grow and diversify, keeping up with greater demand for a wider range of top-end equipment is an ongoing challenge for Scenefone.
The Solution: Expanding the Portfolio with Angénieux Zoom Lenses
Scenefone has relied on Jebsen Industrial’s Cinematic & Broadcasting Solutions division (which is now known as JCineCast), as its trusted technology partner since 2011. It has previously sourced digital cameras, lampheads and other equipment, including lenses from Thales Angénieux, from JCineCast and received training and technical support.
When JCineCast invited Scenefone to test a range of new and existing Angénieux zoom lenses in late 2014, the stage was set for Scenefone to add them to its equipment rental portfolio, too. In late 2015 it became the first in China to carry the full range of Angénieux lenses.
“The JCineCast team has supported Scenefone as we have grown into China’s leading rental house. Adding to our Angénieux range to offer the full series to filmmakers in China was an obvious next step in our relationship,” said Frank Sun, Scenefone Chief Executive Officer.
Lens Technology Pioneer
Angénieux is the world leader in zoom lens technology. Since its founding in 1935, it has consistently remained the industry innovator. From the first mechanical compensation zoom lens in 1956 to the latest developments in high-definition lens technology, 3D capture and hand-held zoom lenses for high-end film and digital cameras, Angénieux is at the leading edge of lens technology. Angénieux has partnered Jebsen Industrial in Greater China since 1996.
Sharing his thoughts on the brand, Mr Frank Sun said: “Angenieux has been steadfast in pursuing the art of innovation. Its endless imagination has driven it to constantly produce high-performance zoom lenses and win the recognition of some of the world’s most reputable organisations. If we look at quality, Angenieux products are absolutely trustworthy. Plus, from a user-friendly perspective, front-line cinematographers and equipment personnel have also given positive feedback.”
“In terms of technology, among comparable products, Angenieux enjoys relatively higher international influence and market share. Its 24-290 and 28-430, in particular, have fast aperture, zero breathing, unrivalled optical performance. These products enjoy higher adoption rates in the international market. Their quality and ability to produce unique film looks are widely lauded by both outstanding and up-and-coming cinematographers. Considering the current market situation in China, importing Angenieux products is a natural choice,” said Mr Frank Sun.

Advanced Lens Technology
Angénieux provides a unique range of zoom lenses perfectly suited for productions ranging from top quality to mid-range. Purposely build for cinematic production, Angénieux Optimo lenses are built to mechanical and optical perfection. All lenses offer a fast T-stop throughout the entire zoom range, large focus scale rotation angle that enables precise manual focusing, and retains superb image quality even under extreme environmental conditions.
The pristine optical performance and seamless blend between contrast and resolution create a distinct cinematic look unique to Angénieux lenses. Angénieux Optimo zoom lenses are known throughout the world for their softness and colour rendering, this specific Angénieux cinematic look that can bring some roundness to the artificial sharpness of digital cameras.
Angénieux lenses have been used by the skilled hands of world’s top Cinematographers to capture anything from block buster features, high ranking TV series, to independent content. On the top 100 grossing movies in the US for 2015, more than 40% have been shot with Angénieux Optimo(1).
It’s robustness, reliability and high image quality can be repeated in every shoot, time and time again, in any conditions found in China .
With increased International crew filming in China, Scenefone wishes to be Angénieux one-stop place where International acclaimed film crew can have access to top-notch Angénieux lenses, with reliable after sales service support from Angénieux and Jebsen .
“We are seeing some demand for Angenieux products among large domestic productions in China. At the same time, the budgets of small-to-medium productions are steadily increasing, which prompts an equivalent increase in demand for Angenieux products. The handful of Angenieux products that enjoy the highest adoption rates locally are now insufficient to satisfy the rising quality requirements of large film productions. As more opportunities for collaboration between Chinese production companies and renowned international cinematographers arise, the chances of them choosing Angenieux products is very high. We believe that it is necessary to have the full range of Angenieux products in order to meet the diverse requirements of the local film industry. Our decision to support Angenieux is based not only on the quality of its products, but also its potential of attracting higher-value customers,” added Frank Sun.
Close Relationship with Angénieux
In deciding to add to its Angénieux lens portfolio, Scenefone appreciated the support of the Angénieux team from France. Jebsen Industrial invited Mr Frank Goh – Area Sales manager, Thales Angénieux and other Angénieux representatives to meet Scenefone in China and also provided in-depth consulting, coaching and testing services.
“Angénieux is delighted that Scenefone has become the first in China to offer our full set of zoom lenses. This is testament to the increasing quality of China’s film and TV industry and to excellent performance of our lenses for all shooting scenarios and entertainment genres and styles. It also reflects the value of the strong local support that our customers enjoy
from Jebsen Industrial in China,” Mrs Paulette Dumerc- VP Marketing and Sales Cinema/TV, Thales Angénieux.
“I’m also very pleased that Chinese top cinematographers are now able to test our wide angle anamorphic zoom lens (Optimo 30-72 A2S). I’m convinced that shooting in anamorphic – which is still too much of a rarity in Asia – represents a major step for high-quality cinematographic production in China,” said Pierre Andurand –Thales Angénieux President and CEO
Thales Angénieux continues to develop new anamorphic lenses for the global film industry. Its latest innovation is the Optimo 44-440 A2S 10x anamorphic zoom lens. Introduced at NAB 2016, it brings the speed and flexibility of the long-range zoom to the set for the first time.
Reliable Technical Service
The availability of expert technical services and support in China from the Jebsen JCineCare Centre was another important factor in Scenefone’s decision to carry the full Angénieux range.
With branches in Beijing and Shanghai, the JCineCare Centre provides authorized camera and lens repair and maintenance services to filmmakers throughout the region. It has clean testing environments, fitted with manufacturer-grade inspection facilities, and maintains a warehouse of commonly used spare parts. Furthermore, its technicians hold Angénieux accreditations and it is the only authorized Angénieux service provider in China.
Cooperation to Drive Demand
To ensure that local Directors of Photography (DPs) have a good understanding of the features and advantages of the Angénieux equipment, JCineCast offers leading cinematographers the chance to trial the lenses for free. For example, Song Xiaofei, DP on the hit movie Lost in Hong Kong, tested the Angénieux zoom lenses with good results.
Along with marketing efforts in China, this practice by JCineCast helps to reinforce Angénieux’s reputation in China and promote word-of-mouth recommendations. In turn, this helps generate demand for the Angénieux lenses from Scenefone.
“With a goal of creating value for both Angénieux and Scenefone, Jebsen Industrial is delighted to have helped Scenefone become the first rental company to be able to offer the full range of Angénieux zoom lenses. We are proud to have won the trust of Angénieux over the years and to be the preferred partner of China’s film and broadcast industry,” said Philbert Chin, General Manager of Cinematic and Broadcasting Solutions, Jebsen Industrial.
After a decade of close cooperation, Jebsen Industrial and Angénieux remain committed to helping China’s film and broadcast industry shine at home and on the international stage. Jebsen Industrial is one of Angénieux’s most successful global distributors.
(1) Source: www.imdb.com

www.jebsenindustrial.com / www.jcinecast.com / www.scenefone.com

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On picture, at extreme left, Mr Frank Sun owner of Scenefone with his team, at first rank, Mrs Pearl Wang (Jebsen Sales Manager) and Frank Goh ( Angénieux Area Sales Manager).



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