Cinec Award 2018 for the Optimo Ultra 12x

News 2018-09-24

The Optimo Ultra 12x got in Münich the Cinec Award 2018 in the Optics category.

This Optimo Ultra 12x was a challenge for Angénieux whose aim was to offer to DPs a new generation of lenses with an even higher quality for large format feature and high-end digital content production.

The lens is modular, retains the Angénieux look, and provides the mechanical feel, robustness and optical performances that customers have enjoyed over the past decades with the famed Optimo line.

This fully innovative zoom lens is a multi-format high magnification zoom, thanks to the IRO technology.

We are very proud of this recognition and thankful to the jury.

Severine Serrano, Managing Director, Angenieux International Sales & Communication, surrounded by Jean-Yves Le Poulain (left) and Jacques Bouley (right)

The cinecAwards are awarded to innovative and trendsetting products and developments of the Motion Picture Technology.

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