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Game of Drones

News 2018-01-10


Angenieux was pleased to participate to the Festival Ciné Drones, in Bordeaux, on November 17 and 18, 2017.

Angenieux at the Festival Ciné Drones

During two days, November 17 and 18, 2017, this specific festival presented movies made with drones in a selection of 29 movies in competition, from 31 participating countries. The Festival Ciné Drones aims to highlight modern and innovative cinema, while fostering the dialogue between professionals and the public.

Since the drones are more and more performant and can support heavy loads, it is now possible to integrate cinema equipment on board. This is how Angenieux was naturally invited to participate to the Festival Ciné Drones

Jean-Yves Le Poulain – Technical and Artistic Adviser Cinema/TV product line at Thales Angenieux and Director of Photography – accepted to be part of the jury of the Festival whose President this year was the famous French rapper Orelsan. «BASIQUE», his last clip was totally shot with a drone. Jean-Yves Le Poulain also joined the Masterclass about «DRIFT», a short-film shot with Angenieux Optimo Anamorphic 56-152 A2S and 30-72 A2S lightweight lenses.

The different round-tables of the week-end – What is the future of the image industry and creation  considering the new technologies and the new uses ? /The new shooting technologies in cinema serving the image industry stakes/ What place for women in the cinema and the drone industry ? – were a good opportunity to talk about zooms and Super 35mm aerial cinema.

About « DRIFT»

« DRIFT» is a demo short-film by Kelly’s Heroes (www.kellysheroes.be), a Belgian co-operative of cameramen who tested the new possibilities in aerial images. Today, since the drones are able to accept more important useful loads allowing more configurations, Kelly’s Heroes wanted to fly a  system that would give other possibilities.  They had the idea to fly the lightweight anamorphic Angenieux zooms. « DRIFT» is the result of collaboration between Angenieux and Kelly’s Heroes.

In Bordeaux, «DRIFT» got a Special « Best Image » mention

«The Special Best Image mention was specially created for the occasion.  Since Drift’s drone images were to be visually integrated into the intent of the film, to make them match with the other images, it was important to use the same equipment, ARRI Alexa Mini and anamorphic zooms, on the Aerigon drone, which was able to carry Super 35mm type equipment. Frank Dewaele made our heads spin, like in Vertigo, used subtle transtravs combining zoom outs and flying travellings, in anamorphic : a major first on a drone. This movie was rewarded for the coherence of its poetic aesthetics on earth and in the air, and also for the complexity of the means used for this fiction» explains Jean-Yves Le Poulain.

«No doubt that, a cinematography shooting, moreover, in anamorphic, brings an obvious extra dimension which serves the intent of the film» emphasizes Jean-Marc Grolleau.

Since it was previewed at the AFC Microsalon, in Paris, in February 2017, «DRIFT» got several awards in international drone film festivals. Crowning achievement, it just got an award at the Los Angeles Drone Film Festival (LADFF) on December 2.


This year was the third edition of the Festival Ciné Drones, which was created by Bordeaux Technowest in 2015. Bordeaux Technowest – «a technopole» created to support innovative technology projects in 1989, is a member of AETOS, a Drone Cluster, created in 2010 by Thales in the Aquitaine region.

«No doubt that, a cinematography shooting, moreover, in anamorphic, brings an obvious extra dimension which serves the intent of the film» emphasizes Jean-Marc Grolleau– Thales Bordeaux Campus/Animator and coordinator of the AETOS Drones Cluster

The ATEOS Cluster, a Thales Initiative

The Aquitaine Region and THALES group created the ATEOS (eagle in greek) Drone Cluster in July 2010, to gather and federate the whole drone value chain actors, in order to develop this industry in the New-Aquitaine. Bordeaux Technowest is a member of the steering committee of the AETOS Drone Cluster and participates to the definition of the development strategy of the sector, as well as to national and European initiatives. Among other missions, it is major for Bordeaux Technowest to support innovative projects in the Defense Aerospace industry, helping start-ups in the Bordeaux area.

The «technopole» generated two events to support the drone sector, the UAV Show and the Festival Ciné Drones.

The UAV show is the international show for all drone industry actors. After a first edition in 2010, the UAV Show became the reference Biennale for civilian drones in Europe. The international Festival Ciné Drones is the European rendez-vous for Aerial Cinema, new technologies and airborne cameras.


For more information


http://www.aetos-aquitaine.fr/ contact :  jean-marc.grolleau@fr.thalesgroup.com






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