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Golden Globes 2017, Cesar 2017, Oscar 2017

News 2017-03-13

Strong presence of Angénieux Lenses

Golden Globes 2017- January 8, 2017
Angénieux zooms were on 4 of 5 nominated movies in Best Motion Picture –Drama section: Moonlight, Comancheria /Hell or High Water (Optimo A2S), Manchester by Sea, Hacksaw Ridge. Moonlight wins the Golden Globes 2017 for Best Motion Picture.

César 2017 – February 24, 2017
In the list of selected movies for Cesar 2017, at least 7 movies have been shot in Angénieux: Elle (11 nominations), Ma Loute (9 nominations), Mal de Pierres (8 nominations), Chocolat (5 nominations), Les Innocentes (4 nominations), Réparer les Vivants et Manchester by the Sea.
Among the six cinematographers in the race to the César de la Meilleure Photo,
Caroline Champetier (Les innocentes), Stéphane Fontaine (Elle), Guillaume Deffontaines (Ma Loute), Christophe Beaucarne (Mal de Pierres) had an Angénieux zoom in their equipment list. To note, the brand new compact Optimo Anamorphic 56-152 et 30-72 A2S were on sets of Ma Loute and Mal de Pierres.
Elle, big win of the ceremony, receives the César 2017 du Meilleur Film.

Oscar 2017 – February 26, 2017
In the list of selected movies for Oscar 2017 in Best Picture or Best Cinematography sections, five have been shot in Angénieux : Hacksaw Ridge,Moonlight ,Comancheria /Hell or High Water (Optimo A2S), Manchester by the Sea ,Silence
Also selected at Oscar 2017 and shot in Angénieux
Captain Fantastic, Elle, Florence Foster Jenkins, Alliés, Star Trek Beyond.
Moonlight is another time honored by the cinema community and receives the Oscar 2017 for Best Picture. About the Optimo 56-152 A2S, Giles Nuttgens who photographied Hell or High Water says it is “the best anamorphic zoom ever built”..

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