“The Angénieux Optimo Prime Series includes unique creative possibilities for cinematographers, based on a new technology by Angénieux called Integrated Optical Palette (IOP). The IOP technology, just like the IRO technology for the zooms, is the result of well-known Angénieux’s innovation capabilities.”

The palette includes customizable elements:

  • Inter-changeable iris: 3, 9 iris blade (9 as standard), oval
  • Internal glass elements: clear, uncoated, net, glimmer, blue streak…
  • Screw-in Rear filter: custom-designed vintage rear filter with 40.5mm (S35)

3 Blades

An iris with 3 triangular blades for a very noticeable bokeh signature

9 Blades

Already integrated in your prime for the classic Angénieux look


An IOP element for a mimic of the front anamorphic lenses bokeh when cumulated with the blue streak element

Internal optical element
Glimmer Glass 1/8

A line of diffusion filters for a sparkling effect, made by Tiffen

Internal optical element
Low Contrast 1/8

A filter to lessen contrast across the image, made by Tiffen

Internal optical element
Blue Streak

An IOP element to generate a front anamorphic type effect on spherical lenses

Internal optical element
Net Optics

Designed to specifically create a net diffusion effect homogeneously within an image

Internal optical element
Clear (customized)

A totally customizable element to express your creativity

Internal optical element

A transparent piece of glass that allows reflections, to create a subtle flare effect on the image brightness, maintaining the intrinsic quality level of the prime lens

Internal optical element
Black Pro Mist 1/8

A unique layering of contrast combined with a gauzy paint like halation, for a pleasing depth of warm, made by Tiffen

Internal optical element
Black satin 1/8

An element to reduce the overall contrast of an image and better control the highlight within a scene. Also helps to subtly soften facial blemishes and wrinkles for a natural refined look, made by Tiffen

Rear Filter

An easy to screw and unscrew rear filter for a unique vintage look to create old fashioned atmospheres

“Continuity of the effect on all the lenses...
for controlled creative result.”

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