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Prestigious visitors at Thales Angenieux in January, 2017

News 2017-02-28

 On January 20th, Pierre Andurand – President of Thales Angénieux had the great pleasure of welcoming Mr Kees Van Oostrum, President of the American Society of Cinematographers, for a factory tour in Saint Héand in France. It was an honour for the Angénieux cinema team  to meet with this famous cinematographer, fan of Angénieux lenses for 35 years, on the occasion of his trip in Europe.


On January 30th, ten days later, thanks to their presence in France for the AFC “Carte Blanche to Indian cinematographers” at Microsalon, Angénieux welcomed three of the most  well-known Indian cinematographers: Mrs Savita Singh (WICA –Western India Cinematographer’s Association) , Mr Sunny Joseph (President of ISC – Indian Society of Cinematographers, and Life Member of SICA – Southern India Cinematographers’ Association), Mr Govind Nihalani (ISC – Indian Society of Cinematographers, WICA – Western India Cinematographers’ Association)

These three « stars » of the indian cinema were accompanied during their visit at Thales Angénieux by the famous French cinematographers Caroline Champetier AFC and Eric Guichard AFC.

“It was an honour to visit Angenieux and to relive the history of Angenieux unfold in front of our eyes.
It is a beautiful and exemplary story to witness, the story of how Angenieux came into being and what it stands for. One could feel the passion, perfection and excellence which took the company from its foundation by Pierre Angenieux in the 1930s till today in 2017 to become a trusted friend of every cinematographer.
Its humbling to see the kind of precision, research, engineering, meticulous human judgement along with the endless hours it takes to design and manufacture each and every lens. And to know that every Angenieux Zoom I used for some of my most special films took birth here at Saint Heand was a very special feeling.
My relationship with Angenieux is a trusted one and this visit made it even deeper. As a cinematographer I am proud to be shooting with the supreme optics of Angenieux.I sincerely thank Pierre, Jean Yves, Paulette, Edith and Dominique and each and every member of Angenieux family for this beautiful visit to Angenieux.”Savita Singh, WICA

“Thank you ever so much. Our trip to Angenieux Factory was a very memorable one indeed !
I remember the day, some three decades ago, when I first saw a 25-250 Angenieux Zoom lens .. and I also remember
how excited I was when it was mounted on a camera and I looked through it. It opened up my imagination
with huge possibilities in designing shots ! Since that day Angenieux has remained very much a part of my journey as a DOP.
It was very thrilling to see the most intricate science and engineering and precision that went into the design and manufacture of each part of the lens.I was deeply moved by the high degree of dedication and commitment that each member of the entire Team Angenieux brought to their effort to achieve excellence. .. each one of them seemed so proud to participate in creating such a world class product. I returned from the visit with my faith firmly rooted in Angenieux’s constant quest for excellence.”
Thank you so much for the warmth and such gracious hospitality. With warm regards, Govind Nihalani ISC, WICA

“It was indeed a great honour and cause for joy to visit the Home of Angenieux and to experience the exemplary hospitality of Angenieux Family.
Thank you Pierre, Jean Yves, Paulette, Edith and Dominique and other great souls of Angenieux family.
Being at Angenieux also meant to be with the history of cinema and to witness the dedication and love you bestow upon creating the ‘eye’ of the cinematographer. As a cinematographer I am proud to be part of the Angenieux family by using your marvellous creations.
I wish Angenieux Family a great era of continuous success and prosperity.
Hope to meet you all again and share the joy of being a part of the magic of Cinema. Cinema is Love 24 Times per Second.”
Thanking you, Affectionately, Sunny Joseph – President of ISC, and Life Member of SICA

“Pierre, I’d like too to thank you and your team for this wonderful trip in excellence : beauty and precision of the gesture.
Sunny Joseph is right to mention the Angénieux souls.
I hope to meet them soon again.” Caroline Champetier AFC (translated from French)


Photos Pauline Maillet and Pascal Charenton



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