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Documentary Great Wide Open

Escalade Jared Leto-Matt Irving

Great Wide Open


Paradox – in partnership with Budweiser


Jared Leto


Renan Ozturk


A series of five short films that celebrate America’s National Parks and the incredible adventurers who explore them.

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Renan Ozturk Testimonial

You are famous for being a “climbing cinematographer”, regularly shooting in remote areas, at super high altitudes, in extreme conditions… Bringing your equipment at the edge of their limits, you must have very strict expectations. What are your main concerns when you select your equipment (weight, reliability, solidity etc.)?

In the early days it was a function of mostly weight.  It wasn’t possible to climb the walls without pairing down to the absolute essentials.  Now I go for a combination of the size and weight but also the cinematic quality the cameras and lenses will produce.  It’s become a new athletic endeavor to carry a little extra weight in order to bring back higher end images from these remote high altitude places.


Episode 5 : Independence Day