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Feature Film Le ciel du centaure

Le Ciel du Centaure zoom photo

Le ciel du centaure


Hugo Santiago


Gustavo Biazzi


Malik Zidi, Romina Paula, Roly Serrano.


In the labyrinth of Buenos Aires, the crazy day of a French engineer, who was supposed to just enjoy a stopover of his ship to deliver a package to a stranger, is being involved in a strange story of forgers, Phoenix, extravagants bandits… His epic one day will transform him.

Also known as

El Cielo del Centauro


Testimonial Testimonial

Hugo Santiago -director 

[…] And your new Optimo 56-152 2S came out – with a much longer lens range, precision of use for combining very complex camera movements with the complementarity of the zoom, an uncommon softness while still keeping the required definition, a considerable dynamic range, surprisingly light physically (as much on a Panther or a crane as on a Steadycam), and so on. I just finished shooting the film, entirely with your Optimo 56-152 2S, using 56 mm as the basic fixed lens and up to 152 mm for very tight shots, with exceptional rendering (naturally, which underlines the perfect consistency of the lenses). I shouldn’t anticipate too much on the final result until the grading stage (we’ll keep you informed as time goes on), but I can say that my Director of Photography and I were aiming at very special images that you won’t see until the final work is complete.