TV Series Leap Day

Leap Day


Steve Law


Dino Wong


Leap Day is a Hong Kong television drama series produced by HK Television Entertainment and aired on ViuTV between 2 and 13 March 2020. Yeesa Cheung, born on a leap day, believes her birthday is squeezed between 28 February and 1 March in common years. When she celebrates her birthday in 2017, she unexpectedly travels to 29 February 2020 in Sapporo. There she is greeted by two strangers, Ryan Ma and Yu Ka-chung, and finds her future self killed in a traffic accident. After she returns to 2017, only one second has passed, but the three have now to work together to circumvent their common destiny.

Angénieux Lenses Used

Type EZ Series

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Director of Photography, Dino Wong, HKSC*, who participated in the production of a number of films, TV series and commercials, shared the importance of a quality set of lenses behind every well-captured image, and his experience with the EZ zooms on a project with a tight time frame.

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