Documentary The Rainforest are under Threat

Film The Rainforests Are Under Threat

The Rainforest are under Threat


Jérôme Dolbert

Angénieux Optics Used

Optimo Style 16-40

Optimo 30-76


A new documentary underscoring the threats facing the rainforest in Peru, the perpetuation of climate change, and the people who are fighting to protect it. The main culprits: gold miners, uncontrolled deforestation, poaching, and their impacts on wildlife which threaten the home to an extraordinary ecosystem hosting species of animals, birds and plants that are found nowhere else on the planet. This according to Director Jérôme Dolbert, who sets out to bring public awareness of the imminent perils facing one of the most beautiful rainforests in the world.

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Jérôme Dolbert Testimonial

“[…] I really liked the smoothness of the rings on the Optimo Style lenses. The focus is smooth and precise. I played a lot with the iris in order to adapt the exposure of the sensor as the light changed often from bright to gray when a cloud was suddenly hiding the sun. I used the camera LCD screen to adjust the aperture of the lens.”