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Documentary Seasons

Film Les Saisons



Jacques Perrin, Jacques Cluzaud


Eric Guichard AFC, Michel Benjamin, Laurent Fleutot, …


The film traces the history of European forests since the end of the last glacial period until our time , addressing the issue of disruptions caused by human activities . Nature is at the center of the film , and the man appears only rarely and very gradually. The view is anthropocentric as little as possible.

Photo credit

Galatée Films – Ludovic Sigaud

Also Known as

Les Saisons ( France )



Eric Guichard Testimonial

“….The idea was to work as close as possible to the animals. Focal lenses were used to produce a naturalistic perspective intended to give the viewer a true sense of being immersed in nature; for example, we were very close from the buffalos and bears. Everything in the movie was designed to preserve the integrity of the animals and minimize any disruption to their normal behaviour – from the blue tits to the bears and, from the hedgehogs to the muskox….”



Behind the scenes PHOTOS

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