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by Angénieux

Customer service is part of the Angénieux culture and DNA. For more than 85 years, we have been at the service of the cinema industry and our customers have been at the center of our approach.

We are fully dedicated

  • Dedicated to meeting our customers’ criteria of excellence beyond the exceptional quality of our lenses.
  • Dedicated to providing them with the highest level of customized service.
  • Dedicated to delivering the best quality of service, along with the fastest and most cost-effective possible support, no matter where they are located.


As our customer, you are our N°1 preoccupation and we want your service experience to be the best.



Each step of our service process is subject to extremely strict controls and we are ISO 9001 certified.



Our maintenance technicians have an incomparable expertise and they use the best tools and technologies to analyze and calibrate the lenses they repair, to ensure the best possible outcome for our customers.



We know that in the cinema business, time has a very high value, so we are committed to a fast and efficient repair process.


A nearby service

Our highly trained international network of professional partners allows us to provide service locally as often as possible with a factory type service quality. Our tracking system by serial numbers allows us to have a clear view of the status of your lens at any stage of its lifetime, to keep it at its best possible quality level.


Repair price

Even if we always look for the most economical repair for our customers, we never compromise on quality and use only the highest quality parts. We also fully inform our customers and make sure our service estimates are specific and clear, after a full examination of your lens at the Angénieux factory.

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