Nuno Correia

Q. What is
We are Slow is the name of our website. Our company is called Slow Studio  and it is based in Lisbon.

Q. What is the specifity of your company ?
Slow studio Lisbon was born in 2013 as an outcome of the vision and know how of a dedicated team and from the demand to offer quality tabletop and beauty shots, as well as integrated live action to the market.

Q. What about Pesca ? intention of direction ? Crew ?
Pesca was a personal project of mine and the intention was to make something different and create a strong conceptual image for the film and the restaurant.

Q. Shooting food requires a specific environment ? What was it for Pesca ? where did you shoot ? which were the main difficulties ?
More than a specific environment, shooting food requires a specific direction of photography, because everything we shoot has a lot of detail and so the lights and lenses are of utmost importance for me in order to create volume and highlight all the details of the dishes and the food.
For Pesca I wanted a dark environment so that the highlight was on the food and only on the food.
We shot it in our studios.
Well, As I mentioned before, this was a personal project, so I had total freedom. I really wanted to shoot as much as I could with the time I had with the Chef and his team. Technically speaking, there were no difficulties because I was working with the best equipment, including the new Optimo A2S and the zooms helped me to be fast.

Q. Which equipment did you use for this short film ?
RED Epic W Helium 8K S35 and Weisscam MK2, 2K and both Angenieux Optimo A2S Zoom lenses.

Q. Can you precise the recording format and  number of frame per sequence?
Weisscam: 2k, 1000fps always. RED 5k; 50fps

Q. Why did you choose the scope format ? And why zooms ?
Because the scope format is seldomly used for shooting food and it gives yo such an elegant image, the elegance I was looking for in this film.  The zooms were very important on this project because I wanted to shoot as much as possible on the time I had, so I could have a lot to choose from on the edit; and so the zooms helped me to shoot faster, because we had no breaks to change lenses, anytime I needed to adjust the composition of the frame.

Q. And why the two Optimo A2S as lenses? Colorimetry, Aperture, Weight, …. Was it  your first job with Angenieux lenses ?
It was a fantastic 1st experience with Angenieux lenses, as I never had the pleasure to work with them before and I was dying to try anything from Angenieux, really. So, when I heard about these zooms I thought  this project was the perfect film to try them. And I was fortunate enough to have them for a couple of days.
Colorimetry: loved the result; they have a great definition and they have a great aperture that is constant on the zoom range. They also have a close focus of 0,63m  (with 56-152 A2s). These characteristics apply to both lenses.

Q. What about the rendering of texture, colors, …
I loved the lenses because of the texture they gave me, the colour and definition.

Q. Are you satisfied with the final result ?
I’m very happy with the result.

Q. Any other comment, suggestion or question  for Angénieux ?
Loved to have them on my equipment list!!