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ZOOM! Angénieux: a new vision

News 2017-03-13

ZOOM ! Angénieux : a new vision

In the frame of the thema “ Working Promesse” of the 10th international Biennale of Design that held in Saint-Etienne from March 9 to April 9, 2017 the Musée d’ Art et d’Industrie of Saint-Etienne chose to present the story of an industrial adventure, our company’s one, from its foundation to the changes due to digital technology. This exhibition – 750m² fully dedicated to the Angénieux brand – will last till Nov 6.

The Angénieux brand is world leader in high-precision optics combined with micromechanics. It makes the Optimo lenses that are so favoured today by cinematographers working on major films around the world. The company was behind a great innovation, the zoom lens, and showed us humanity’s first steps on the Moon. It partnered the development of the hand-held cine camera essential to New Wave cinema, along with developments in color television, 3D and night vision. For a number of years, the Musée d’Art et d’Industrie has been studying this certified ‘Living Heritage Company’, recording interviews and acquiring lenses that now form part of its artistic and industrial heritage collections. The museum conducted detailed research to prepare the exhibition. Its presentation of the company’s many innovations, together with the artistic and technical methods of great filmmakers, reveals a synergy between science, art and technology that has greatly facilitated progress in production.

In this exhibition, heritage and contemporary items, R&D models, lens-polishing machines and interviews with witnesses to developments (engineers and cinematographers) are presented and made accessible for the public in a design layout that prioritises images and film.
Entertaining hands-on scientific exhibits and immersive processes reveal the secrets of optical innovation, the DNA of the company founded near Saint-Étienne in 1935 by Pierre Angénieux that has since become Thales Angénieux.

In counterpoint to the exhibition, many figures from the arts and trades of the film industry (Richard Andry AFC, Yorgos Arvanitis AFC, Martial Barrault, Caroline Champetier AFC, Jean-Noël Ferragut AFC, Eric Guichard AFC, Marc Salomon, consulting member AFC) whose work has been radically transformed by the advent of digital technology will take part in a day of meetings and screenings on March 16. The meeting, in presence of Pierre Andurand – President of Thales Angénieux, will be moderated by Alain Renaud philosopher and Angénieux exhibition curator.
There will also be a number of facilitation activities for various visitor populations, as well as discussions and demonstrations of antique projection devices.
The exhibition should appeal to visitors interested in heritage and industrial innovation, as well as to photography and filmmaking enthusiasts and professionals.

Opening days
Open daily from 10am to 6 pm
Except Tuesdays and 05/01, 07/14, 08/15, 11/01 and 12/25
Curators : Alain Renaud, Nadine Besse, Eric Perrin
Scenography : Cahen et Grégori


Photos by Marc Salomon

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