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The Art of Optics

NEW  Optimo Ultra 12x

Happy Lunar New Year

from Angenieux to all our Dear Friends and Customers.
May Year of the Dog 2018 bring you the very best.

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In the race fo Best Picture Academy Award, Get Out was shot by Cinematographer Toby Oliver (ACS) with zooms only, a first time for him on a feature film.

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Angenieux was pleased to participate to the Festival Ciné Drones, in Bordeaux, on November 17 and 18, 2017.

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Behind The Scenes of a Perfume Commercial Shooting with Angénieux Type-EZ lens in Dubai by #amirghorbaninia
@amirghorbaninia #advanced_media_uae #angenieux #angenieuxlens #angenieuxlenses #TypeEZ #cinematographer #cinematography New Angenieux Type-EZ 1 lens with Red Scarlet-W on a skateboard. 😊 Picture courtesy of Director of Photography #frederickgomoll @frederickgomoll Thanks for sharing with us!!
To Angenieux users please send us your lens pics and we will post the best ones!
#angenieux #angenieuxlens ##angenieuxlenses #typeez1 #TypeEZ #cinematographer #cinematography #skateboard Here is the Angénieux Type-EZ 2 interchangeable  S35/Full Frame lens in Italy. For demo or test, please contact #panatronics @panatronics.it or come to try it at the MicroSalon Roma March 16 & 17.  Ed eccolo zoom Angénieux Type-EZ2 intercambiabile S35/Full Frame in Italia. Per demo o prova, si prega contattare #panatronics @panatronics.it o venire al MicroSalon Roma il 16 & 17 di Marzo. 
#angenieux #angenieuxlens #angenieuxlenses #typeez #cinematographer #cinematography


Angénieux is pleased to announce a Workshop Tour in India next week, organized by Cineom, the local Optimo distributor, and Angénieux. The workshops will be the opportunity to see the full suite of Optimo lenses, including the new Optimo Ultra 12X, presented by the Angénieux team. Workshops will take place in Mumbai, Hyderabad & Chennai. See enclosed invitation.
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