The Art of Optics

You Mean The World To Me (2016)
Director : Teong Hin Saw
Cinematographer : Christopher Doyle HKSC (with Optimo Style 16-40 on camera)
Photo Credit : Jack Cheung

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Three days to D-day for cinematographer Christopher Doyle HKSC who will receive on May 26 @festivaldecannes the @festivaldecannes is now open. For the 5th consecutive year, Angenieux is Official Partner of Cannes Film Festival. For the 5th time, Angenieux will pay tribute to #cinematography with the 5th edition of the Thank you @kingjfranklyn and @waltbanger for your visit at Angenieux. It was a pleasure to meet two of the most famous Nigerian directors whose recent movies ( The Dinner and have been selected at @nollywoodweek. Congratulations!
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