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Angénieux goes prime

Eric Guichard AFC, with a team of nine DoPs : Stéphane Aupetit, Michel Benjamin, Jérôme Bouvier, Laurent Charbonnier, Philippe Garguil, Laurent Fleutot, Sylvain Maillard Christophe Pottier, Jam Walencik, have all collaborated on the new Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud’s movie « Les Saisons ». Thanks to the partnership with Angénieux, he selected Angénieux Optimo zooms as optics of choice and utilized as many as 10 lenses at any given time during the production.

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Shooting in anamorphic (Optimo 30-72 A2S)! Thank you @renan_ozturk and @camp4collective for sharing #angenieux #anamorphic #cinelens #bts #documentary ・・・
@ansonfogel is very happy about the shot 🤣 
Moment in #maine captured by @renan_ozturk @ibc2019 : less than 4 hours left to discover the first lens (F40) of the Optimo Prime Series. Booth 12.E36. 
#angenieux #angenieuxgoesprime #optimoprime #cinematographer #cinematography Surprise visit at Angénieux's stand at IBC 😊 : Adam Plowden @adamvideoman from cinema5D proud to show his picture of the front element of an Optimo Anamorphic 30-72, selected for the Angenieux book recently released and available on www.angenieux.com (e-shop). #angenieux #angenieuxanamorphic #cinematographer #cinematography #zoomlens #cinelens


Moment in Maine captured by Renan Ozturk. @AnsonFogel shooting a documentary in anamorphic with the Angénieux Optimo 30-72 A2S. Camp4 Collective #anamorphic #angenieux ... See MoreSee Less

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