DP-Director Ayan Sil shares his experience on shooting with Angénieux Optimo Primes


On the set of the video clip Marziyan, Cinematographer and Director Ayan Sil happily used the Angénieux Optimo Primes. He shares his tought about the lenses on the testimonial below.

Have a look of the music video by clicking here!
What have you thoughts of the Angénieux Optimo Primes ?
The Angénieux Optimo Primes have been a blessing to work with. They produce really beautiful images which are sharp, clean and render really beautiful skin tones. They hold up really well when shooting against strong light sources and have really good performance in the shadows. The flares, which mostly occur on the higher focal lenghts are really pleasing and have a character to them. The out of focus areas of the lens are really nice and clean without too much disturbing elements.     
The ability to use internal filtering is a blessing and will give filmmakers aroung the world loads of options to be creative with it. I am really happy with the images that the lenses produced and am really looking forward to working with them in the future again.

DP Ayan Sil

Could you tell us more specifically about this project ?
When I was asked to Direct the music video called Marziyan, I constantly kept thinking of how to make it look interesting and keep the audience engaged. And one thing that came to my mind is making it a one take sequence. 
So, when going through the technicality of it with my DP, Sasmit Bagchi, I was looking for a lens that would be light, can hold information during various different light scenarios and overall reduce the need for adding in extra filters etc. And since it would be a one take, the focus was a very crucial element of the process, and the responsiveness of the lens was very important. 
I had recently tested out the Angenieux Optimo Primes, and the character it has combined with its lightweight design and the capacity to have internal filtering, made it a good choice for me to go to. 
Apart from the one take, I also wanted the narrative to have a little bit of more drive in the form of colors and then not having any. My story revolves around a waitress, who has a very boring and stressful work life. And for that I wanted to make that portion of my story Black and White and from there once the song starts kicking in, she goes into her dream world where there is happiness and so it becomes much more vibrant and colorful. Combined with these would be a bunch of VFX and image distortions that would be needed to push the narrative forward. So essentially I needed a lens that lets me do all of these things with my image while not affecting the quality of the imagery in any way. And the optimo primes let me achieve this perfectly. I did not feel the image quality drop in any part of the post process, the details, the skintones and the base image was held so nicely I could create whatever look I wanted without thinking about compromise on image quality. 
Overall  the Optimo Primes were the perfect choice for the project and I am really happy with how the lenses let me create my story and share it with the world exactly how I saw it. 
Photo courtesy of Ayan Sil. Thanks to Benoit Brismontier for making the connexion.
More information about the Angénieux Optimo Primes here !

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