News 2017-07-10

If you are the happy owner of an Angenieux lens, you are lucky because it has been designed to last.
To keep it at its highest level of optical and mechanical performances, we highly recommend the following:

Please use an optical cleaning solution and a soft tissue to remove finger prints from the front and rear optics.

The zoom, focus and iris mechanism are factory lubricated. If the lens has been stored for a long time or is used in a cold environment, please activate each function several times before using the lens.
After an intensive use or in extreme conditions, it is important to check the working capacity of the mechanisms and to proceed to a cleaning and re-lubrication of the moving groups.

To prevent humidity getting inside of the lens, please protect your lens and keep it as dry as possible.

Except some very frequent operations (flange, tracking adjustments, focus ring or mount replacement) all other operations must be made by highly qualified people.
If you need assistance, please ask your usual local dealer who will be very pleased to help or put you in contact with our service team.

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