Director of Photography Robbie van Brussel chose the OPTIMO PRIME series for a commercial shot with Director Philip de longh, for the famous lingerie brand Hunkemöller. The commercial was broadcasted on Dutch TV recently. On Instagram, Hunkemöller’s self-definition as a brand is “empowering women to be their most beautiful self”. Color accuracy, skin tone respect, realistic images with no distortion….all good reasons to use Angénieux lenses for a commercial for this brand.

Director Robbie van Brussel tells us :
“I chose the Optimo Primes mostly because this is one of the first Full Frame lens sets available and because there’s a big trust in the Angenieux lens line.  With the Optimo 24-290mm being the best zoom there is on the market I think.   Another choice for the Optimo primes was that we wanted to shoot a lot of wide angle shots. Since the full frame format is very usable since there seems to be less distortion together with these Optimo primes. The director Philip de Iongh who worked a lot with Hunkemoller  told me it was very important to have color accuracy to the product and that he wanted no strange distortions in the wide angle lenses so the models look as they are in real life. 
Together with my 1st AC Luuk Schmitz we were happy to see how well technically the lenses are engineered, lightweight, small, no disturbing chromatic aberration, good close focus etc. And the speed of it …1.8. You can even make the wide shots  look more 3D  and give to viewer some sort of direction to look at because of the depth of field. 
What I personally like if lenses can give something extra, or special, something different that other lenses cannot do. So for me the flares could be a bit more dramatic or present. Like the flares of an old Super speed Mark I, Kowa Anamorphic, Cook s4 or Hawk V-lite. They have these very special rainbow flares if you want, if you stop them down, you will lose them.  if you open up you can get them.  So hopefully in the future it would be possible to create or tune the lens with any of these characteristics in mind.
The special thing and the nice characteristic about these Optimo lenses is that they are very sharp but the unsharp parts still give a sort of organic feel and glow to the high resolution of these full frame cameras. Nowadays it’s very important to create more sensibility to the image instead of technical perfection”. 
Production Company: Spark Productions / Sanne Zwaan 
Director: Philip de Iongh 
DP: Robbie van Brussel NSC
Gaffer: Bram van Woudenberg
1st AC: Luuk Schmitz 
Rental Company: Camalot Amsterdam

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