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Provide cinematographers with the best possible tools

The final user, at the center of every decisions

The introduction of every new lens is driven by the needs of the directors of photography and the rental companies. At Angénieux, we believe that cinematographers are the best persons to specify the new tools they need in artistic and ergonomic terms. Rental companies also have a major word to say since they know the global needs on their market, the trends, and most of the time they are the actual buyers of the lenses. It is the combination of these points of view that makes a lens successful.

During public events, such as the Cannes film festival, shows, workshops…. And also through surveys, professionals are welcome to exchange with our team and representatives and to express their needs.

Build lenses that last and that create excellence

With inputs, directly from our final users, rental companies and distributors, Angénieux lens designers thrive on the creation of the best new products within the economic and technical constraints expressed by our clients.

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