Final checks

High standards at all steps

The final check is the last stage of a lens manufacturing before shipping.

The product is placed on a collimator to ensure the absence of any residual defocusing (loss of focus in zooming). The resolution of the lens is also subjected to MTF tests. This is followed by calibration and casing. The focus rings are engraved once the lens has been calibrated. Each product is unique. The lens is finally tested at extreme temperatures (from -20°C to +40°C) to ensure its stability regardless of the filming conditions.

As some of the last generation’s lenses include electronic components (Optimo Primes & Ultra compact) they undergo a last electronic test, to make sure the elements work correctly.


The engraving process is of capital importance. If done properly, it allows setting your lens with accuracy. This is why it must be added to the lens with care and precision. For every new lens, the engraving pattern is well thought out in details, according to the DPs needs.

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