Optical expertise

Optical quality at its best level

It takes a couple of years of training among the Angénieux design teams for an optical engineer to be able to calculate a complete zoom. Then, despite the advances in information technology, it will take another calendar year before one can hope to design a technically flawless and reliable zoom.

Angénieux has always been a specialist in designing and manufacturing high-end cinema lenses and has been recognized for its excellence in the cinema industry for more than 85 years.

Large and strong lenses

To create our emblematic Optimo Ultra 12x zoom, the sophistication of the optical calculation, the quality of the glass elements and coatings, the precision of the mechanics… are necessary conditions for success. Angénieux is known for being the reference for high-end long zooms. It is thanks to the experienced teams from Saint-Héand, that Excellence is the brand’s signature. Being the expert of large lenses for cinema makes us even more confident in our ability to design the best High-End Full Frame solution: from the Optimo Ultra 12x to the newly born Optimo Prime Series with IOP technology and the Optimo Ultra Compact lenses.

Small and compact lenses

Based on its 85+ years of experience in cinema but also in photography at a time, Angénieux has been able to propose incredibly performant and compact lenses that have changed handheld applications. Lenses like the Optimo 15-40 and 28-76 have been recognized as revolutionary tools and got SCI Tech awards by the academy in Hollywood. Optical design is key to make such innovative lenses. The new Optimo Ultra Compacts zooms are the new expression of this know-how.

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