Angénieux & Hollywood

A love story for more than 50 years

The relationship between Angénieux and Hollywood can be represented not only by the number of lenses there, but also through the professional recognition that Angénieux products are given.

Numerous cinematographers praise the Angénieux zooms for their quality, their optical and mechanical property. It was with great honor that Angénieux received multiple awards for its innovations, recognizing years of hard work to achieve high-end lenses: from the SCI tech awards in the U.S. to the Cinec Awards in Munich…

  • 1964 Scientific & Engineering Award for the Angénieux 10x Zoom
  • 1989 Pierre Angénieux receives an Oscar for his lifetime contribution to the film industry
  • 2002 Cinec Award in Munich for the Optimo 24-290
  • 2009 Scientific and Engineering Award for the Optimo 15-40 and 28-76
  • 2012 SOC Technical Achievement Award for Optimo 15-40, 28-76 and 45-120
  • 2012 Cinec Award in Munich for the Optimo 45-120
  • 2014 BSC Bert Easey Technical Award for Angénieux Zoom lenses
  • 2018 Cinec award in Munich for the Optimo Ultra 12x

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